around mount greylock

The Berkshire Mountains are filled with individual and family activities. 
Hike Mount Greylock

Hike Mount Greylock. You can also drive to the summit. We have maps and directions. Just ask in the office.
There are no attractions to show.

Ask Patricia..

Patricia has been visiting establishments in the area and will gladly give you ideas and directions to ensure that you have an incredible time while staying here at Mt. Greylock!
^ Calendar of Events ^
Find Us at the Springfield RV Show
Look for us at the Better Living Building at the Big E. You can enter a raffle for a free weekend, camping chairs, and other camping items. We will also have a discount code that can be used for reservations.
Pre-Season Camping
Depending on the weather, we will open early for overnight camping. All sights will have electricity, but water may be limited. If you book a site during this time and we are not able to accommodate you due to weather, you will receive full credit for a future visit.
MAY 11-13
Opening Weekend
Get a start on the season and check out the changes that we have done over the Winter. Book Friday and Saturday nights - get 50% off the second night - use promo code openingweekend2018 when booking.
MAY 18-20
Customer Appreciation Weekend - Spring 2018
Thank you for being part of our success in 2017. As a sign of our appreciation, book Friday and Saturday nights - get 50% off the second night - use promo code caw2018 when booking. Also, if you book this weekend and Memorial Day, you can leave your camper here for the week and have a late departure on Sunday.
MAY 25-28
Memorial Day Weekend
Our First Concert at the Bandstand on Safari Field! Band TBD. Three-Day Minimum.
JUNE 1-3
Heroes Weekend - Spring 2018
Fire, EMS, Police, Military, Ski Patrol - Thank you for your service in making our country better. Book the weekend at take 25% off. Use promo code heroes2018. Also, if you are here Memorial Day, you can leave your camper here during the week.
There are no upcoming events.